Grow a community for your business

Foster brand loyalty, encourage word-of-mouth marketing and get regular customer insights


According to Forbes, a community is critical to your brand's success

Fans not followers

A community is more than just having "followers". It's a connected tribe of people who engage with you and each other.

Why should you care?

Word-Of-Mouth 💬

Build a brand worth talking about. Creating a community is a way to find and grow ambassadors of your brand who don't just talk about your business - they shout about it. 

Customer Insights 📈

Never have a failed product launch again. Don't guess what your customers want, speak to them directly and learn exactly what they need! 

Brand Loyalty ❤️

Customers don't just buy products and services anymore, they buy experiences. Your community gives them a chance to connect with you and each other and enhances the experience with your brand. 

The "build it and they will come" myth

Build it and they may come... if you're lucky. Building a community takes more than just being "cool" on social media and interacting with your followers. It combines user experience, psychology and a good understanding of your customers in order to build an infrastructure that helps them connect.

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Let me be your guide

In 2016, I founded the How To Be Human project, and built a community from scratch. Today it has 2000 members and is a thriving community, both online, and with events offline. During this time, I also worked with start-ups, NGOs, cafes and musicians to take communities from zero to 1000s of active members!  

I can help you to:

  • Build an engaged community

  • Increase customer retention

  • Reduce customer acquisition costs

Your customers want to belong to a community. I'm here to make sure it's yours! 

Ready to kickstart your community?


Spark Package ✨

Get free access to my 8 step guide for bringing your community from zero to thriving.


Fire Package 🔥

  • Analysis of your current marketing/community efforts

  • Bespoke community blueprint for your business

  • Follow up call to check-in with progress


Blaze Package 🔥🔥🔥

  • Everything from Fire package

  • I set up the infrastructure for your new community

  • Unlimited support for 3 months

"We've built a writing prompt app. Tom helped transform the solitary task of writing into a community of excited, connected writers."

Daily Prompt

Ryan Lindsey

"I thought I knew how to build a community myself, but Tom's tips, advice and guidance has really helped me to grow my member numbers and engagement much faster than I was doing on my own. I would highly recommend working with Tom if you want to launch or grow a high quality community that will aid your business."

“When Covid-19 forced us to close our doors, Tom helped establish an online community for our students online instead. His insights and experience meant we could quickly respond to the crisis.”

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